Research and Feasibility

At Bridgewater, we believe that research services must offer more than data and a historical perspective. We use research to help our clients understand emerging trends and determine opportunities for growth and development.

Bridgewater research services enable clients to harness market insights, to make long-term strategic decisions about their business. Our comprehensive framework approach, ensures that clients are guided by information rather than intuition. The following outlines a list of services that Bridgewater offers as part of this activity pillar.

We enable the client to contextualize the project in line with the market landscape.

Bridgewater identifies possible routes for development and stress tests viability, allowing the client to choose the optimal delivery option.

We generate market research and stakeholder insights.

We assist in developing the brief for projects and scope of future work required.

We provide concept development and strategy compilation

Bridgewater works with clients to generate user requirements for software product development and design.

Cashflow Forecasting

Profit & Loss Accounts

Sensitivity Analysis

Survey- Design & Implementation

Focus Groups- Facilitation

Interviews – Facilitation

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