• Alan Carey

    Managing Partner

    An experienced Strategist, fulfilling roles of Senior Business Consultant, Business Architect &...

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  • Bernard Carroll

    Managing Partner

    He is a trusted software testing expert with over 25 years’ experience fulfilling Technical Roles...

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  • Martina McGrath

    Chief Executive Officer

    Martina McGrath, CEO has a strong development background centred round start-ups, business expansion...

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  • Richard Lennon

    Head Of Finance

    Richard Lennon, Head of Finance has over 10 years experience in financial services. His background...

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  • Sinead Jennings

    Marketing Associate

    Sinead Jennings is the Marketing and Administrative associate at Bridgewater. Her background is...

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  • Bill Crowe

    Software Tester

    Bill Crowe is the Averian Test Analyst who contributes test deliverables to the Averian SWAT model....

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