Bridgewater is a national consultancy group ( headquartered in Limerick) , with offices in the UK and Dubai. As a full-service business consulting organization; we are focused on small and medium sized enterprises and have a management team with an exceptional track record in finance, strategy, training, research and innovation.

We have a long history of working with state agencies, third level institutions, blue chip companies and SME’s in the provision of growth services and have achieved substantial success.

Bridgewater was formed to meet the needs of companies experiencing strategic challenges and undergoing significant business transformation.

Since formation, the company has built a global client base of successful SME’s, multinational and blue chip clients. Thus, we offer more – as we have political, economic, social and technological vantage points on pharma, medtech, fintech, hospitality, food, professional services, research & development, construction, transportation, health & wellbeing, tourism and sport sectors to name but a few.

Bridgewater continues to be instrumental in adding value to businesses. Our philosophy is that by using the knowledge we have gained from working with larger companies, we can make a significant contribution to growth and success within the smaller companies.

Sustain - Financial Services
  • Service
  • Online Accounting
  • Traditional Packages
  • Develop
  • Online Conversion
  • Grant Application
  • Company Setups
Measure - Software Products
  • Processes
  • Planning
  • Innovation index
  • Desiging & Testing
  • KPI X 6
Initiate Concepts - Strategy
  • Concept Viability
  • Business Development
  • Systematisation
  • Scaled Growth
  • Continuing Innovation
  • Software Design
Activate Skills – Facilitation
  • Entrepreneurial skills Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Continued Professional Development
  • Operational Development
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