Coaching and Mentoring

Bridgewater has been fortunate to mentor over 1000 individuals as part of its enterprise activity . Clients support outcomes have spanned performance, growth and labour activation.

Our philosophy can be summarised as follows:

  • The role of the Mentor/Coach is to listen to the participant and challenge them to consider a range of options for the development of their business.
  • Through the process of asking probing questions we lead clients to their own insights and conclusions, empowering the business promoter to focus on the key issues, and to choose from a range of solutions.
  • Responsibility for the business decisions and implementation of solutions remains with the Client throughout.
  • The key strength with Bridgewater is our knowledge base – centred round our extensive business experience, and the cumulative knowledge of the Bridgewater team.
  • A key objective of mentoring for us, is the building of wider networks and sharing these networks with participants.
  • We work productively with other advisors, consultants and experts retained by clients.
  • In our view, the development of rapport between mentor and mentee is critical to contributing positive results.
How can we help you?

Contact us at the Bridgewater office or submit a business inquiry online.