Strategy and Business Planning

Bridgewater is a full-service business consulting organization.  We are exclusively focused on Small and Medium sized enterprises and have a management team with an exceptional track record in helping these businesses grow and achieve substantial success

We have compiled hundreds of business plans for clients nationwide. These plans have been integral in the acquisition of investment.

Our group has worked with companies to include PayPal, Airtricity, Trinity Biotech, to enter new markets, restructure businesses and increase organisational value (e.g. Trinity biotech 10-fold increase in share price from $1.06 to €10.30 in 2 years, Airtricity sold for €1.8b in 2008).

Our team has worked with over 600 companies in the formulation of growth and development strategies. These ventures have had to undergo feasibility and viability testing with regard to same, in addition to opportunity assessment and commercial modelling. We have engaged in sectors spanning Tourism, Food, Hospitality, Technology, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Healthcare, Agriculture, Construction, medtech, fintech and many more.

Bridgewater and Averian Global has a track record in bringing SME’s from zero to millions. Presently, it owns/partners in 10+ businesses; all performing, looking at scaling and growth opportunities internationally.

We have over 10 years’ experience working within a business representative organisation, compiling public government submissions to a variety of departments.

Through Averian Global, Bridgewater is networked into many global blue chip companies. This connectivity ensures that we are continually at the forefront of emerging technologies and aware of important trends before they influence different markets

Determining minimum viable product, our group has experience with driving IT into the future, ensuring that it gets out to market.

Averian has experience of developing and commercialising its own product; whereby we developed Business Challenger, used by Enterprise Ireland in its new frontiers programmes to benchmark recruitment on programmes and optimise business plans.

We have raised over €132million for our clients.

We have invested over 2 million in start-up companies in multiple sectors.

How can we help you?

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