Alan Carey Managing Partner

Areas of expertise
  • Strategy
  • Business Architecture
  • Growth
  • Project Management¬†
  • Commercialization

An experienced Strategist, fulfilling roles of Senior Business Consultant, Business Architect & Business/Corporate Analyst. I have over 20 years experience in delivering business strategies, transformation and organisational change programmes. I work with Senior Management teams to ensure operational processes are aligned with corporate strategy and visions. I focus on the achievement of business value along with very strong analytical and communication skills which enable me to manage change initiatives to solution delivery.

He has a track record of bringing SMEs from zero to millions

I work closely with Project Delivery teams and guide Business Managers in their quest for effective Strategic Business and Solution Architectures. My main strength is my ability to understand strategic business requirements and processes and turn them into practical workable solutions through strategic guidance, business analysis, design, planning and solution delivery.

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