Richard LennonHead Of Finance

Areas of expertise
  • Online & offline accounting systems
  • Income Tax, Vat & Payroll
  • Business planning
  • Financial forecasting
  • Grant and loan applications

Richard Lennon, Head of Finance has over 10 years experience in financial services. His background includes accounting, business development, and working within start-up enterprises. As a Managing Partner in Bridgewater Finance, Richard is well placed to understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

This has led Richard to become particularly interested in helping small business owners implement sound financial practices which support their decision making processes. Typically this is achieved through the implementation of online accounting systems with a step-by-step pragmatic approach. Richard will then work with business owners to help them set targets, identify and monitor key indicators, interpret financial data and map a course towards the achievement of their business goals.

A knowledgeable and motivating trainer with front-line experience working with businesses that succeed and those that fail. This front line experience is invaluable in a training environment and allows Richard to refer to real life situations

Areas of expertise specific to training include : Online & offline accounting systems / Income Tax, Vat & Payroll/ Business planning/ Financial forecasting/ Grant and loan applications

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